My Fendi Bag Favorites for SS2016


Before anything else, I just want to share that I am so pleased because I have finally managed to find a way to work with my laptop again. You may or may not know this, but while I dabble a lot on my phone and my other gadgets for social media purposes, I am actually very dumb when it comes to technology. I always need some techie person to help me set up software or apps for my gadgets as well as help me update and backup my laptop. Months have gone by without my backing up my laptop and when peeps ask me what I’d do if I lose the information on it, I just always answer “it’ll be frustrating but what can I do?”. Well a lot actually. Because I’ve been so terribly stubborn when it comes to technology. When I get taught how to operate these gadgets (turn on and turn off), and just get taught the basics, I am already contented. And my brain just stops processing all else that get taught to me. Hence the current dilemma of an overflowing laptop memory and not knowing how to transfer them onto a hard disk. Haha well well. This definitely paints me in a poor light but hey, I am honest!

Anyway, as I have said, I figured out a way to work on my laptop again (because the last few posts I have published on this blog were done through my mobile phone!!). Now I’ve got a fast laptop and I’m happily working on it again– and I am actually inspired to do so! 😉

I have not been posting bag reviews lately, so today I decided it’s a good time for one again! If you have been following me on instagram, you might know that I am a huge fan of FENDI Bagsicon. Silvia Venturini Fendi is really just a genius when it comes to handbag design– she has not designed a bag that I did not like to date! In fact, I loved them all, especially the latest Spring Summer 2016 bags from the House, which consisted of the embellished double mini baguette with that fancy detachable strap (which is to be sold separately and can actually be used on your other bags)


and the larger,  more practical Dot Com bag.


These two FENDI Bagsicon got me really excited. The mini double baguette comes in the python striped version (as shown in 1st photo above) but will also come in plain leather, embellished with flowers. The Dot Com bag also has a few variations, one of which (as shown below) has become an instant favorite because of its striking color and color contrast (I loove this bag!!!)


Sigh, the only downside to seeing these collections ahead of the season is that we all have to wait for the bags to arrive in- store. Ugh it’s the waiting that is killing us bag hags! Haha who has no EQ, raise your hand! *Raises my own hand :D* Sooo, while we console ourselves of the fact that it will take time for the new bags to hit the boutique shelves, we might as well look at the current collection that’s readily available. And this is one of my picks because the bag incorporated the now- famous “bag bug” design.

The Fendi 2Jours Embellished Shoulder Bag

fendi2jrs1The bag will require a bit of contents editing, but assuming you get past the idea of bringing your whole house with you inside your bag, this is actually a really good size of a bag to have. I call bags like this one a crossover bag because it easily crosses over from a day bag to an evening clutch. The embellished “monster” face is definitely a nice touch. This bag will definitely liven up your look easily 😉

FENDI Bagsicon are available at Rustan’s in the Philippines and are also available online for purchase at Net-A-Porter. Click HERE
icon to view and shop the rest of the Fendi merchandise available online now 🙂

P.S. These FENDI BAG BUG SLIP-ONicon Sneakers are pretty cool to own too 😉





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