My Crazy Day Two: Milan Fashion Week SS 2016

Wow, it’s only day 2 of Milan Fashion Week and I am already so beat! No thanks to jet lag, I have only slept 4 hours total the night before (jet lag) and had walked over 14,000 steps today in heels *maaajor workout lol*. Yep time to buy a cemetery plot for my toes . But thank goodness the weather was real good or else that would’ve just made things much, much worse!

First show of the day was at Isola Marras by Antonio Marras. So happy to see old friends again 🙂

I play email tag with Jeoffrey off- fashion season so I’m happy to finally see him again 🙂

Had an incredible chat with my seatmate and shutter master Lee Oliveira of The NY Times

Marras is one of the few designers left who refuse to allow commercialism to overtake artistic freedom. For SS 2016, he brought the beach to us as the backdrop for his presentation, complete with a band 🙂 I’ve included some of my favorite pieces below:


After Marras, I rushed off immediately to Fendi– a good 10 minute walk *in heels haha* from the Marras venue.
IMG_20150925_001917 Wore a total look from Fendi *Photographed by Sandor Simon*

I was on time and was still able to have a few snaps with industry friends (haha even if my hair was a royal mess!!).

With Jean Baptiste of Fendi– we go a long ways back from Louis Vuitton days 😉

Of course with my love and seatmate, Bryanboy

I have to say that Fendi is one of my top five favorite bag brands for a few years now. Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld has always paid close attention to detail and for SS 2016, he put the spotlight on the shoulder strap of the house’s favorite bags. “Dressed up” and embellished detachable straps for bags were the order of the day (and the season and for sure beyond).

Ever the smarty- alleck lady, I took it upon myself to walk to the Hogan presentation which was just a block away from the Fendi venue. I looked at Google maps the night before and knew exactly where Hogan’s presentation was… Three blocks later and with spotty internet connection in certain areas on the street, I wondered out loud how far the place was until I plotter on the map that I walked the opposite direction. Ok. I am a loser. I acknowledge I barely have any sense of direction. Figuring out it was not going to be possible to walk back (and riding a taxi or ubering was not an option because of traffic), we ended up skipping the presentation and just walked four more blocks to get Uber. We headed to the next show, Anteprima.

The Uber driver got lazy. Dropped us off four blocks away (and around) the venue. By this time, my feet were dead. I forgot to mention I had not eaten anything at all throughout the day and all that walking + pain in my feet got me very tired. And cranky. Hahaha poor Simon had to take in this cranky hag 😉

Finally we arrive in Anteprima but had no more time to do a quick backstage interview with designer Izumi Ogino.
(Yay Simon gets front row to get the best shots 🙂 Thank you Christian!!)

Can I just say that when it comes to clothes, Anteprima ranks very high on my list because Mrs. Ogino knows how to dress a woman and make her feel beautiful, feminine, and empowered.
And Anteprima’s wire bags are truly unique and special– like Primo, my newest doggie bag 😉

After the show, my energy level had dropped to a seriously alarming low and I think at this point my body just shut down. So instead of going backstage to see and congratulate Mrs. Ogino and thereafter heading to the next show, Costume National, I had to go home and rest and get something to eat. I was feeling all these flu- like symptoms and had needed to take preventive homeopathic medicine. My body shut down. I nearly collapsed! 🙁

It wasn’t until 2 hours later with some food, a little rest (and I also changed into flats) that I was alright again to proceed to the Furla presentation. I was reunited with Creative Director Fabio Fusi 🙂


Was also happy to have gotten a few minutes with Furla CEO Eraldo Poletto. He is one of the coolest guys in Milan. His vision has taken the brand to new heights. IMG_20150925_002318The evolution of Furla is really something else! Mrs. Furlanetto must be so pleased to have an incredible team 🙂 I know I’m honored to know both Fabio and Eraldo 😉

Furla over, we popped by the Cavalli cocktail party
before leaving for dinner at my favorite place, Bagutta (my 1st real meal of the day). And before 12 midnight, this hag was home and preparing to go to sleep. It had been a pretty crazy 2nd day!

If you peeps have Snapchat, follow me there– I’m THE_BAGHAG. More updates for you on my instagram and on the blog soon 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day/ night! Needed the sleep and rest to prepare for another heavy 3rd day during MFW!


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