Moet et Chandon at Paparazzi


It has been awhile since I last wrote a thorough post about food, so I think the Moet et Chandon dinner at Paparazzi, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel is just perfect and oh- so- timely!

I had come in rather late but luckily not late enough because the dinner began immediately after I had sat down (thank you Marbee and Kitten for my seat).

I was so excited to try the different Moet champagnes which were carefully paired with each complementing dish– to bring out flavors of both.

The champagne flutes were ready…

Dinner began with an overture of caviar, melon gel, black pepper creme fraiche, edible flowers, and roots.

For the Atto Primo, spaghetti al nero with sea urchin, green peas, and crustacean foam. Paired with Moet et Chandon Imperial Brut, NV.

It was a spectacular dish, it left a very distinct impression on the palate.

For Atto Secondo came the butter poached lobster, lemon zabaione, sweet potato, and capers. This dish left me swooning.

Sigh. If only I could have second servings of this. Call me selfish but this dish is worth having seconds!!

An intermezzo… Bellini! Shhh don’t tell Chef Roberto but I decided to pour a little bit of the Moet Imperial into the peach sherbet. I swear, it was a brilliant decision– and haha I made everyone in my table try it too 🙂 *oh yes I’m proud to have orchestrated that “move” haha*

Next on the menu: hen, morel, Parmesan tortellini, truffle.

This was paired with Moet et Chandon, Rosé Imperial, NV. It was a flavorful dish which went nicely with a rather subtle rosé bubbly.

And for Atto Quarto, mirin- sake mackerel with carrots, celeriac, grand reseve blue, and pinoli (pine nuts). Served together with the Moet et Chandon Grand Vintage, 2003.

To be honest, I’m normally not a fan of mackerel cooked any way (I only like it in sashimi form), but this was intriguing as it had a very nice aftertaste (sake/ mirin, I suppose).  And like the mackerel, the Moet Grand Vintage 2003 also had a nice “kick”  (pardon my rather unsophisticated language).

And ahhh, the finale. Gastronomic parting is really such sweet sorrow! Creme Brulee with pink pepper and pineapple (sooo goood) topped with a spiced loaf.

A spoonful of this with a sip of the Moet et Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé 2003 really sealed it for me.

It was perfection.

Very fine Moet et Chandon champagnes, excellent dish pairings, great company… What a way to end my Wednesday night!

To Moet et Chandon and Paparazzi, thank you so much for having me! It was an incredibly unforgettable meal!



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