Milan Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli SS2014

When Roberto Cavalli showcases his collection, there is always that guarantee that he pays very close attention to detail in each piece. So it comes as no surprise that his SS2014 collection featured intricate beadwork that serves to shine, dazzle, and bring out the very best in a woman.

I had the privilege to go backstage to talk to Eva Cavalli before the show and asked her about what we should be expecting about the collection to which she said,


“It’s a projection of a Cavalli dream, a film of Cavalli and how we see women. They are actresses, very languid, very romantic but very self- confident. She likes to act, to be soft outside and be very strong inside. Silhouettes are very fluid, everything is very light. The new luxury of this collection is that everything is very light, there is a lot of craftsmanship, a lot of application. A lot of application, a lot of beading, but everything is really very very light.”

Cavalli did look to the celluloid from the Art Deco period for inspiration to execute these exquisite looks.



The iconic Hera bag makes a bold statement!



The Cavalli woman for SS2014 commands attention when she walks in, and when she exits.


This has been Cavalli’s success and key formula in each of his collections: his attention to detail! These jackets below are the perfect examples.



Sexy, fluid, powerful. The Cavalli woman exits with as much sensuality and presence  just as she did when she first entered.


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