Milan Fashion Week: Fendi Bags, SS 2015

Ok, it’s quite unacceptable that I have not blogged in over 2 weeks but I have good *well more like stupid haha sorry* reason– I did not have a charger converter and had no time to get myself one in the last week. I’ve actually been out of my apartment for the most part, with filming shows and interviewing people taking a bulk of my time. Now that I am in Paris, I am actually able to chill out a little bit more and settle in nicely before the craziness begins again– I don’t have as many shows here as I do in Milan because I concentrate mostly on designer brands that have strong accessories lines.

Anyway, Milan Fashion Week was as always crazy and very productive. One of the brands with the strongest accessories collection for the Spring Summer 2015 season is Fendi. Let’s not even talk about the clothes anymore because it’s a given that season after season, Karl Lagerfeld churns out something fresh and new, and very technical in terms of construction, with clever use of different materials and different textures. IMG_20140918_132228


The accessories collection of the brand stands strongly on its own as well. This coming Springtime, all Fendi’s signature bags have been shrunk to an itty bitty mini size!  What a welcome change! I’m so over supersized big bags (they’ve only given me big backaches haha). This is really a very good thing for women with back problems 🙂

While the staple signature bags in the standard size remain in the collection, updates have been given to each one of them. The 3Jours bag has that cheeky croc tail, and is paired with the micro Peekaboo bag with a shrunken Karlito *tooooo cute!!!!*, the By The Way bag was given the bling treatment and is now the perfect evening accessory.


The mini Fendi Peekaboo bag in the lower left corner was given embellishments, and that white python By The Way bag is accompanied by a micro Fendi baguette and a mini Karlito. It’s really so hard not to like all– what a pain to pick just one 🙂 But haha, this is a good dilemma, no?

I particularly loved the micro By The Way bags that were blinged up. Up close, the pastel colors were really very dainty and attractive, and the crystal embellishments on the “tails” perfectly complemented the overall look of the bags.


The mini Peekaboo bag in striking royal blue croc. And there you go, the mini Karlito charm!IMG_20140919_134949

Fendi’s theme for Spring Summer 2015 revolved around orchids too, and this Peekaboo bag is extra special because of the technique used to print those flowers onto the bag.  Up close, this bag was really even more stunning than when it was on the runway. This is a very important piece in the collection.


Bravo, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi.


This is such a strong collection and women the world over cannot wait to get their hands on all of the new bags for Spring Summer 2015!


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