Milan Fashion Week Day 2: Fendi SS2014

I just want to do a quick post before I go to sleep. I had an unbelievably long day and it’s funny how people think that fashion is all glamour– yes, it is I admit, glamorous, but wow you can’t imagine the amount of stress and hard work that is put into all “this”! But I tell you, the end result is always worth all that stress 🙂

Bryan and I sat next to each other at the show, so that was quite fun as we were able to catch up on what shows we were both seeing while in Milan.

For now though, I leave you with a few of my favorite looks from the Fendi SS2014 collection.
fendis1 fendis2 fendis4

More to come in the next few days– I need to sleep now as I’ve a very early interview to conduct tomorrow! Hope I can wake up early enough for it!! Haha

P.S. Thank you sooo much MAC Cosmetics– I was made up by Ivan of Mac Cosmetics, Milan (thanks to the coordination between MAC Manila and MAC Milan offices :D)

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