MFW: Furla’s Color Explosion for FW2015

It has been a crazy four days here in Milan during fashion week. Traffic is horrific, and though it is sunny of late, it also gets real chilly at night, and wearing heels don’t help either (boooo paaaain). But it’s all worth it when I see collections that are truly worth doing all this for 🙂

I’ve seen the evolution of Furla since CEO Eraldo Poletto’s return to the company, and I am so impressed with the production of the presentations season after season. This season, I think Poletto’s vision for the brand has finally come into fruition. I was really bowled over by the collection of shoes, which I hope will be available in stores in Asia where I live.

Pointy casual slip ons in suede with zippered detail. These are now must- haves in every woman’s closet!!


Hi tops, also in suede with gold details


I loooove looooove loooove these suede wedge booties!! Give me the purple or those blue suede shoes anyday!


Ankle strap sandals. These are very classic styles, reinterpreted Furla- style. I also love these, and it helps heaps that they look very comfortable to wear as well!


Pointy toe pumps with uber colorful heels in solids and patterns.





Candy Bags– that palette- encrusted candy backpack is the cutest! And Furla also came up with that candy- colored bear that makes you want to just take it home 🙂  Furla has definitely captured the hearts of young consumers with this collection 🙂


It was great to see the evolution of the brand. But more than the bags, I was really impressed with the shoe collection. Can’t wait for them to hit the shelves in-store come Fall 2015.


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