Merry, Merry Christmas from Lake Tahoe!


I’m sitting on the bed right now, all warm and toasty, while staring at the window, watching the snow fall outide. Major food coma happened earlier at Red Hut Cafe. I had the chicken and waffle, and it was soooo good!!!

The kids and I are watching Christmas Vacation (which is tradition for us to watch– that or Home Alone), and we have all been breaking out into peals of laughter with Chevy Chase’s antics lol (you ought to watch it if you haven’t yet). While I am half- watching the movie, I can’t help but feel a sense of calm and peace.

It has been awhile since I felt that. I think I began getting my life back in order when I started working on the garage sales of my clothes then of my bags. I realize I just have way too many things and clutter really gets in the way of productivity and efficiency. So expect more sales to come in 2016 🙂 Haha and maybe I am also getting older and am understanding the concept of less is more– funny though, I always thought more is more haha until I could barely walk around in my own office/ closet anymore lol.

Come 2016, I think I will gain even better perspective, and as a result you will know more about what had been going on with me in the last 2 years 🙂 This has been a few years in the making and internal planning and looks like it will all finally happen next year *hahaha stay tuned for the plot twist!*.

In the meantime, sharing with you the other little thing I did that shamed the family today hahaha. I wore my Christmas flannel pajama jumpsuit in public hahaha. Yup, PJs. And this is my OOTD for this post too hahaha:

Why so serious? Tsk, because I’ve been on a self- reflection mode, remember?

LOL so I walked around in this within the hotel property and people were laughing at me. To my face. And me, I was straightfaced!! LOL. They were laughing because of my backside:

Not the best bum but still I’m cheeky LOL

And yes, that’s Chicken. So it’s cheeks and Cheeeken for Christmas 2015 🙂 Alright folks, I better change and look decent for Christmas Eve dinner now, or my whole family will have to cover their heads with paperbags in embarrassment hahaha or worse, they disown me LOL.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! Thank you for all your support even if I became super boring (while still remaining narcissistic LOL).
Promise 2016 will be more action- packed!



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