Makeup Magic with MAC Cosmetics

I’ve always been clueless about makeup. I was never one of those girls who played with mom’s makeup during those childhood days. So when I began to develop acne and weird oily- dry skin growing up, intervention was needed. It was not just about going to the dermatologist, it was also about learning more of how to conceal bad skin. I began with foundations and moved on to concealers. And from there, makeup was self- taught.

Sadly I was never really good at it. I just knew how to use foundation, concealer, and some cheek tint. During those years working at a weddings magazine, I often found myself in the company of great makeup artists. Alas, I never really picked up their skills. While I did learn how to use eyeliner, I still did not know how to keep it from smudging. I alwaysl ended up looking like a roadkill raccoon by the end of the night. I was just not meant to be a makeup artist LOL.

Some 3 or 4 years ago, I went on a trip with press friends to Bali for an event and it was only there that I learned about filling in my eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil (thank you Sarah Santiago). I know, pretty pathetic because I am expected to know all this by now since I’ve been in this industry for soooi long. But nope. When it comes to beauty, I’m very low maintenance 🙂 *haha maybe it was to make up for my being high maintenance elsewhere*

Today, I still can’t get my eyebrows to look even and near perfect, and I still can’t quite keep lipstick colors to stay on my lips. So it was real nice to have attended the MAC Cosmetics beauty tutorial with the brand’s senior makeup artist, John Stapleton, who was flown in from L.A. for the event.


I realize now (haha after over 15 years in the industry) that you don’t really need over 20 makeup products to achieve that no- makeup makeup look. And for nights out, sometimes, a good shade of lipstick on your lips and properly lined brows are good enough!


The beauty trend for Fall/ Winter 2015 at MAC is all about that cohesive polarized look– a juxtaposition of light and dark, tough and tender, romantic and vamp.  I will honestly never be able to “blend” different products as well as any of the professional makeup artists in town, but for sure I believe that in order to “get the right look”, you need to keep experimenting and spending time on the makeup counters to determine which colors work best for your skin. Spend a good afternoon in one of the MAC makeup counters in the country and by the end of the day and with the help of their makeup artists, you’d already be able to pick out what looks best on you 🙂


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