LuisaViaRoma Style Lab Pick

Bonjour from Paris! It’s still so cold and overcast today and it also happens to be the first day of sales throughout this beautiful city of lights. I’m really bummed out that I have no credit cards for the sale (yeah, whoever stole my wallet in Livermore San Francisco, I hope you are very, very happy… geez just mail me back my IDs! *grumbles*).

Anyway before I head out again, I just want to share another photo from my Style Lab session with LuisaViaRoma back in Firenze (and no, I still cannot access most of my images because of the highly sophisticated technical problems of my Mac’s iPhoto. Ugh– that’s another story worth telling when I get back in Manila).

How are you liking this YSL cabas chyc in yellow for Spring?

I am loving this particular size as I got used to seeing the larger ones. I do wish that they could make the shoulder strap thicker, but otherwise this is a pretty bag worth toting for Spring.  It’s actually quite perfect to carry on an overcast day like this in Paris!

My internet connection at the hotel here is pretty lousy but I will definitely be uploading more photos later– check out!


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