Luisa Via Roma: Firenze4Ever Day 2


Ciao from Florence! I apologize for not having posted anything yesterday as it was a very full day of styling, shooting, and interviewing for LuisaViaRoma. The shoot went well, I was able to style 5 different looks with 4 layouts. Unfortunately you might not be able to see them all just yet as my iPhoto decided to crash on me– biiiigg time. I was up until 8am this morning trying to troubleshoot to no avail– and that included uninstalling and reinstalling iPhoto as well as force quitting the photo application for over 30 times. I now panic when I see a colorwheel turning when an app on my laptop is running (Mac users will know my fear haha).

I will post more photos from the Style Lab as soon as I get my iPhoto to work, but in the meantime, here is a bag shot that I took (and was able to upload).

The Gebede Bibi Bijoux Bag (chain strap can be tucked into the bag to make it into a clutch)– we love our bling 🙂

Anyway, apart from the looks I styled and shot with photographer Tommaso Gesuato yesterday, I also conducted designer interviews for the LuisaViaRoma E-zine.

With designer John Richmond

Interviewing Fausto Puglisi

And haha, post- interview with Fausto Puglisi 🙂 He is so charming!!

Met one of my early favorite shoe designers, Giuseppe Zanotti

Last night’s dinner at the Istituto Degli Innocenti was really incredible. LuisaViaRoma has never stopped outdoing themselves when it came to throwing dinner parties. I promise to post more photos soon, as I need to head out to the airport right now– off to Paris 🙂

Hope you are all well!





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