How to Properly Carry a Big Bag

That question had a rather obvious answer *or a set of answers*.  Until Victoria Beckham came along.



It’s a rather large bag to carry as a clutch, don’t you think? Then again it’s probably light because Becks only has a mobile phone in that big bag. That bag’s literally her arm accessory. After all, she is a walking advertisement of her own brand. Have us ladies dump our everyday essentials into that bag and have Posh carry the bag in the way she carried it– I don’t know if she’ll manage 🙂

Hmm… maybe we should try carrying our big bags that way too. Just to see if it’s a doable way of carrying it for a long period of time. Lol. Who’s with me?

And oh yes, that bag is quite maaajor *like*, and well, Victoria’s style is just looove.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone 🙂


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