How To Organize and Store Your Accessories

Some years ago, I used to hoard these thin metal “trees” to hang my accessories and knick- knacks. Screenshot_2015-05-14-18-05-45-1

But like every other girl who loves accessories, I have this bad habit of hoarding at times especially if I get incredible bargains. And then I end up with so much more than I can actually use. What happens is those trees end up overcrowding and much of the pieces are left forgotten. And this was part of the reason why I haven’t been online much to blog. Because I’ve been sorting out a lot of accessories that I have amassed and unfortunately not really enjoyed using (because I didn’t know they existed due to the piles left untouched).

I must be growing up (hah, how many times do I have to “grow up” anyway haha) but I’ve stopped hoarding and now I am editing. A lot of the pieces I shall put up on my DEPOP account to sell (depop: THEBAGHAG).

I also stopped using the accessories trees because a lot of pieces somehow get entangled. Now I have resorted to putting them in stackable trays where I can see them all laid out properly.

These acrylic/ clear trays help a lot too (you can get them at Muji/ The Container Store/ Amazon).

There are also these partitioned acrylic stackables that easily segregate each item. Screenshot_2015-05-14-18-16-19-1-1Make sure you don’t put more than 1 or a pair in each section. Or you will again have that problem of overcrowding. I think this is one of the best ways to keep your accessories organized and keep you disciplined and away from hoarding 😉

So far it has been working for me. And thank goodness for the sorting part because it also made hoarders like me realize that the best place to shop for “new” accessories is still in your own accessories pile 🙂


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