Hermes Vibrato Leather

These days, you will no longer get offered a vibrato leather birkin or kelly for sale at Hermes. From what I was told, they have stopped production of vibrato leather birkin and kelly bags since 2007. Vibrato leather does not come from the same supply chain as the rest of Hermes leathers, and it remains unclear exactly why Hermes no longer works with the Vibrato leather supplier. It’s really a shame because vibrato leather, when paired with right colors, is really beautiful.
Some people have mistaken vibrato for fabric in the past. Vibrato, is definitely not a type of fabric, nor is it suede (as it seems to feel). It is not exactly a “natural” type of leather (haha unicorn leather?), but is a stack of natural Chevre or goat leathers– which is why the process to make it is more laborious. Sheets of leather are stacked together painstakingly to create that look– think of as a slice of “crepe cake.”  🙂
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Vibrato bags (birkins and kellys) are regularly paired with smooth leathers such as box, barenia, chamonix:
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Vibrato bags are also paired with togo leather flaps and handles, although you don’t often see this combination like you would with the smoother leathers.
Photo credit: Thebaghag.Com
I personally feel that vibrato leather birkins are so under- appreciated. If you are looking for that “special something” that perhaps other Hermes bag- loving women don’t always own in their collection, go for a vibrato leather piece– a vintage one of course, because no more new ones are coming out. Exotic leather birkins are easier to come by at the store (if you spend an obscene amount on clothing, jewellery, or accessories, you might get offered one). But vibrato is impossible to get now– at least until they sort out their supply chain issue or find a new one!
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The cyclamen- orange vibrato kelly remains one of my favorite color combinations ever made. A dream if you can find an authentic one in the secondary market!


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