Hermes Auction Alert at Christie’s!

I am so excited to find out that Christie’s Auction House now has designer merchandise (think bags, vintage designer accessories) on the auction block as well!!

It’s not too late too– because the online auction is ongoing at the moment and won’t end until a few hours later. I have already managed to single out a few pieces that I love!!

Lot # 38: The Aztec Blue Mysore Hermes Birkin in 30cm with gold hardware


and it has a contrast orange lining! I loooove this bag so much!!!mysore1And then there were the candy colors of pink (rose tyrien with tosca lining), and violet!


violetbAre you as psyched as I am yet?  I am also very interested in some of the vintage pieces they have, one of which includes this Hermes Sac Malette


For more designer merchandise featured on Christie’s online auction, click HERE, and bid away!!


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