Hennessy X.O Mathusalem by Arik Levy

A beautifully styled and remarkably good dinner at The Peninsula Manila was how the Hennessy X.O Mathusalem, was introduced.

Israeli- born, Paris- based artist Arik Levy was commissioned to work on the case of the Mathusalem this time

and M. Jean- Michel Cochet, the maison’s brand ambassador, flew in for the unveiling of this truly special cognac.

Arik Levy’s creation for Hennessy was incredible– seeing how this case was designed and manufactured was akin to watching a designer bag craftsman delicately put together a masterpiece. Oh yes, I related it to a bag! 🙂 It was all about the  arts et metiers.

After M. Cochet had introduced the Mathusalem, a gastronomic feast ensued– with pairings of Hennessy X.O of course!

The Confit of Duck Ravioli was exquisite.

And of course, this double- baked Gorgonzola souffle with pear compote, hazelnut, and celery is seriously worth writing home about. (I could have had seconds of this– it was that good!)

The Hennessy X.O Mathusalem is produced in extremely limited quantities. It is an investment piece– as the case by Arik Levy on its own is already a valuable work of art! The Mathusalem is priced at PhP 1.2Million (US $28,500 converted).

Watch the incredibly impressive interview (showing as well the craftsmanship of the Mathusalem) with Arik Levy about his creation for Hennessy.

This is what real luxury is truly all about!! 🙂

*Special thanks to Olga, Randy, Chad, and the rest of the Hennessy X.O team!*


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