Happy Father’s Day!

Today is a day when I really miss my Daddy, who has been gone for 11 years. I remember the things he had taught me, the food he had prepared for me, the laughter we’ve had over morning cartoons, those long nights watching reruns of Star Trek, jaunts to the mall and how he had refused to pronounce certain designer names the right way, the joy rides we’ve had, the snorts and snickers we’ve had over dirty jokes that I’d share (and his subsequent questioning of where I’d get them haha), and how he would discard his old shirts and I’d pick them up and wear them.

Dad, because of you, I’ve learned so much in life– one of them was to convert large men’s shirts and wear them as dresses haha 🙂

If he were alive today, we’d be laughing about everything that I just said (and he’d be chortling over the photo I just posted haha).

My dad was my hero. He was my pillar of strength, and he was my first love 🙂 Daddy, if you can still read this somewhere out there, I want you to know that I have never forgotten you, nor was there a day that passed that I didn’t think of you. Happy Father’s Day!!

And to those of you who still have a living dad, don’t forget to greet him and give him a warm, tight hug!!

And cheers to all you young dads out there, and have a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! 🙂




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