Goyard: Monograms with Logos

I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly too keen on seeing monogram bags with hardware logos (especially if they’re shiny). It just seems a little bit too much for the eyes. Monograms scream the brand enough already so there’s really no need to add that hardware– it would already seem you’re being slapped with the brand (as if to say, oye, pay attention already! LOL).
You know I’m a fan of Goyard bags (the Saint Louis PM tote, Jeanne MM are among a few of my picks), but when I saw this 233 bag, I was taken aback. I get the monograms with a logo handpainted onto the canvas (in fact it looks nice on an Ambassade), but I don’t understand the need to pair a metal logo with the signature canvas.  I don’t know. Maybe this bag has to grow on me, and maybe if I see it in a different colored canvas, I just might change my mind…

I’d much rather this version of the 233 below. But eeks it’s in fauve crocodile skin which means expensivo!  Makes me wish Goyard would produce these bags in regular leather (they have in calf skin) in different yummy colors like the canvas color lineup that they have. Unfortunately as of last check, they only have the colors black or chocolate for calf leather.

I would totally save up for one if the 233 comes in powder blue textured leather 🙂 Goyard, are you listening? 🙂


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