Golden Globes Time! Oscar’s Hit and Miss

Morning everyone! I haven’t been able to keep up with who wore what during the Golden Globes just yet, but I’ve singled out two looks so far.

Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey.

gg-dockeryThis gorgeous woman wore an exquisite Oscar de la Renta but I feel it was the wrong shade for her because it washed her out, her skin being so fair. But the dress is without a doubt, beautiful.

Oh and Michelle, where is your clutch? 🙂 If Michelle had been wearing the same shade of color but with a dress that wasn’t as embellished as the one she had one, she could have carried the Bulgari Lipstick clutch with that malachite and lapis lazuli clasp (for that pop of color).


On the other hand, Aubrey Plaza’s dress just took a wrong turn from the waist down, also in Oscar de la Renta.

gg-aubreyplazaColor blocking in pastels is perhaps meant for a teenage prom night but definitely not for the Golden Globes. It’s an eyesore to add that fuchsia clutch. Aubrey is pretty but the color choice is just all wrong. I’m no great dresser but I do know not to work with those colors for a major awards ceremony like the GG.

More Golden Globes post within the day. Stay tuned 🙂

Photo Credits: ET Online



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