French Sole: Your Sole Mate in Manila

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I hope it had been a restful one :) Even if it was scorching hot, I was just glad that there were no more rains which had caused floods and had inconvenienced so many people across the country! 

Now that it’s a Monday again, it’s back to regular blogging :) And today, I am going back to writing about my other love– shoes :)Now that it’s a Monday again, it’s back to regular blogging 🙂 

French Sole, my favorite drawstring ballerina flats brand, is finally in Manila. Located at Bonifacio High Street (B3- across from Krispy Kreme and beside Crumpler),frenchsole2the boutique offers ballerina flats that were made famous by Royalty (the Duchess of Cambridge and the late Princess Diana among them) and celebrities because they are incredibly comfortable.

frenchsole1I’ve owned a pair of London Sole (which is a sister brand of French Sole in America) since I was in college and by far it was the only pair of drawstring ballet flats that had no “break in” period– meaning you can buy the shoes and wear them out of the store and they won’t cause your feet any sort of discomfort whatsoever. I’ve tried many other pairs of drawstring ballerina flats but none had been this comfortable. Chanel makes beautiful pairs but the ribbons on their shoes are nothing more than decorative and serve no purpose. The drawstring ribbons on the French sole ballerinas serve a real purpose of tightening or loosening the shoes to have better fit on your feet. Founder and French Sole designer Jane Winkworth became famous for her footwear because of the fit and comfort. And the styles she has produced are classics and iconic– ten years ago, they were already being worn by the well- shod, and today they still are. frenchsole3

I’m also very excited about the bespoke monogramming that the French Sole boutique in Bonifacio High Street offers (not all French Sole boutiques worldwide offer this service, by the way)– it will take a few weeks but it’s all worth the wait!


I will be posting photos of the event last week on Manila Social Diary soon. But if you happen to be looking for a pair (or two) of very well- made and comfortable ballerina flats that will take you throughout the day, I highly recommend French Sole. If you happen to be in Manila, allow yourself to experience what French Sole ballerina flats can do for your feet 🙂


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