Food Blog: In Hong Kong, it’s The Duck!

You cannot not eat duck if you are in Hong Kong. If there was a reason why I’d fly to Hong Kong on a whim (when I have enough free airline miles), I’d definitely do it for the duck.

I was in between meals when it was decided that Yung Kee on Wellington Street, Central is to be the “pit stop”. Yes, I chose to eat over to shop LOL.

If I was not a fashion writer/ blogger, I think I’d have loved to be a serious food and travel writer. And I’d try very hard not to use the words “incredible” and “amazing” in each post. I’d attempt to be more articulate LOL. (By the way, that’s my new year’s resolution as a writer– to minimize using those 2 words to describe everything hahaha)

This is the Cantonese Trio– Soy Chicken, Roast Duck, and Steamed Chicken.

I’d honestly have gone for all duck, but I wanted to make a… umm… “healthier” choice 😀

And as if I hadn’t been satisfied with that meal, I also indulged in “tea- leaf” infused eggs which I found in a little food stall.

If you see that “cauldron”– eggs bobbing up in black liquid , you should try one. It’s really soooo good. That’s the Chinese name for it, written on the bottom of the cauldron by the way.

More Hong Kong soon 🙂 Let me get my “groove” back– I’ve been running on an average of 3 hours of sleep nightly. Happy Friday, everyone!!!



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