Face-Off: LV Neverfull MM vs Goyard St Louis PM

Woohoo more information on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag comes your way. And I’m telling you, this is the kind of information that LV should be releasing to the bag loving public. With this kind of information at hand, it will surely make you want to buy the bag even more.

Here’s what I got from a Vuitton insider: It can carry 210 kilos, equivalent to a shetland pony or a scooter. Quality tests show that the Neverfull GM can actually withstand 100 years of constant use *hehe we won’t live long enough to see the bag die haha* with a year’s worth of US Vogue Magazines.

How’s THAT for a selling point? 🙂 I ended up doing a side by side comparison of the Goyard St. Louis PM to the LV Neverfull MM.

WOOHOO it’s the ultimate Bag Face-Off!
1. The Goyard St Louis PM and the LV Neverfull MM are the same in size.
2. Goyard St Louis PM handles are slightly thicker.
3. LV Neverfull MM has the drawstring side design.
4. Goyard St. Louis PM has a detachable wallet pouch which also has the Goyard handpainted monograms
5. LV Neverfull MM has a very nicely printed lining but is ideally not reversible (because of the stitched “flap” pocket) *but again, if you aren’t too particular about that pocket flapping around, plus the D ring and the strap stitching inside out, then I guess it’s reversible haha*
6. Goyard St Louis PM is reversible– you can use the plain canvas lining as the exterior of the bag for that nondescript look
7. LV Neverfull MM has a zipped pocket and has a key D ring inside.
8. Goyard St Louis PM price is approximately Php 50,000 (with the added option that you can have customized stripes and initials handpainted on the bag)
9. LV Neverfull MM price is Php 35,800 at the Louis Vuitton Boutique at Greenbelt 4

Now, the choice is yours. A Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, or a Goyard St. Louis PM. If you ask moi, I’d get both 😀 *muwahaha I sure am no help today haha*

Here’s a consolation to those who don’t really want to shell out anything over Php 5,000 for a bag. You don’t need to buy a designer bag to be happy, all you need is the Ultimate BagHag Necklace 😀RDV of D! Luxe surprised me with her bag necklaces last week. Now you don’t have to shell out more than Php 2,000 for a bag since you can just buy this baghag necklace for only Php 1,950!! Hehe, I already got mine *yay!!!* Available at D! Luxe (at Tresorie) at 2nd floor, Doña Consolacion Bldg, 122 Jupiter Street Bel-Air Makati City. Tel. (632) 890-0037 (tresoriegirls.blogspot.com).

Have a happy weekend!

P.S. I don’t think I have e.coli, or salmonella, or amoebiasis. I think it’s my hyperacidity and reflux acting up again. Hehehe… we’ll see this weekend how my tummy is 😀

P.P.S. Holy crap, it just dawned on me. I will be a year older in a few weeks!! *SCREAMS* 🙁 *bawls… ok I want a new bag… now question is who is willing to buy one for me??? hahaha*

P.P.P.S. Check out the multi-way Athena Dress of Tinsley. It’s already available 🙂 *I got to try the sample!! Mrs.T= feeling Greek model… (puke!!)*


  1. hi! question..how much is it to add the stripe and the intials on the goyard st louis? Im leaving for san fransicso in 2 weeks and i wanna get a st louis. also, how long does it take for them to add the stripe and initials? 🙂


  2. Hi! I am considering buying a bulga bag..do you think its worth it? what bag would u recommend? thanks alot!!

  3. i was going to text you sana kse i was torn between a neverfull PM and a batignolles. (konti lang kse stuff ko). kaso 2 things stopped me:

    1. ang feeling close ko naman (haha)
    2. i lost your number.

    i ended up getting the batignolles. will wait for the neverfull in damier (i hear there’ll be one daw?)

    – anonymous2

  4. Hi Mrs. T!

    Love that Goyard – LV Face Off you did. I’m a mom with a kid and a hubby that doesn’t carry a bag like us Moms, so I end up carrying my daughther’s and hubby’s stuff aside from mine. Would you say that the Neverfull is a worthy investment for me?

  5. hi ms. t

    im really curious about the neverfull GM (i believe its the biggest one?) im a guy and i really want a tote bag that doesn’t look really gay (hehe). would u recomment the GM as a “man tote”. I need a big bag for school stuff (am studyin fashion).

    how much is the GM though? thanks so much.

  6. Hi Mrs T!

    I’m a big fan, I like the way you write and I saw you on that interview. I thought to myself, this could me Mrs T because she looks so refined yet a true-blue baghag couldn’t mask her kikay self! hehe! Hey, would you say I’m the luckiest girl in the world if I told you my friend got me my Neverfull last wed in Paris for only 26,000PHP? SInce she’s a non-EU resident she was able to get the tax refund making the bag cost only 23,000!!! Am I LUCKY or am I LUCKY! Feels like I won the lottery!. Just wanted to share because this really made my week!
    Hope to visit your store soon! Get well soon!!

  7. Hi baghags! The Neverfull MM is ideally not reversible. Although, it has a very nice printed lining compared to the Goyard. I’ve tried to reverse the bag but for me, it wouldn’t really work well because of the ‘stitched flap’ pocket (unless you don’t mind that it flaps out). plus, there’s also a D ring inside the bag, and when you reverse it out, it would look a wee bit strange (D ring sticking out). And you wont have drawstrings on the exterior of the bag if you made the lining the exterior. LV had also said it isn’t really reversible. But again if you want to make it different and wouldn’t mind, I guess you can reverse it 🙂 Will show more photos of the bag reversed. (looks good reversed though haha) Thanks!

    GM works as a man tote I believe.

    theshoeslave: yes the neverfull will be a good bag for you 🙂

    carrado: i think stripes cost $150 and will take about 2 months or so to be finished. have fun in SF!

  8. hi ms. t! congratulations on your new store.

    i love the neverfull bag! i’m now torn if i should get that or the goyard st louis. my aunt is leaving for paris next week and she’l be buying the bag there. would you know if how much cheaper the goyard is in paris?


  9. vl: goyard is cheaper in paris but theyre also increasing prices 🙁

    re: Bulga bag, the brand is good and the leather is nice. Re the style, it really depends on what you would normally carry for a bag– shoulder/ handcarry….

    LV neverfull GM is something like 37k.. will verify price soon.

    anonymous2: do text me 🙂 I reply almost all the time although sometimes delayed 🙂 *i never erase my messages so the messages get queued up in the system and there’s backlog on my phone hahaha*

  10. Hi Ms. T, I am a new reader of your blog and almost everyday since coming from a trip to Paris I never miss to read your blog which made me more nanghihinayang of not getting my NEVERFULL GM which costs only 465 Euro plus 12% tax refund (kase they ran out of stock at Champs Elysees).

  11. will text you next time. i know most bag people scoff at Coach but i’m in a Coach mode at the moment. 🙂 (neverfull i will get for meeself on christmas. bwahhahaha).

    thanks mrs t!

    – anonymous2

  12. mrs T,

    im so happy to have found your site! Ive been drooling over LV bags for such a long time and the Neverfull came just in time to end my drooling! I am so getting one but this being my first LV, I want it to be the perfect bag. Thus, Im so torn between the GM and the MM. Just when I decided on the MM, I read that you had your MM exchanged for a GM…why the change? was the MM so small or would it pass for an everyday bag? Im a mom but I don’t want bag that shouts that Im carrying the entire household…so which do you recommend for everyday use??? thanks in advance!

  13. Hi there, Love the Neverfull. Was thinking about getting the PM, I don’t want to have a lot in my purse, cell phone, keys, wallet, and a small book. What do you think? The MM looks a good size, my LV that I use the most is the Noe, which is 20 yrs old! But I want something smaller than it this time.

  14. Mrs. T, I’m choosing between an LV Neverfull MM and a Gucci New Britt Large Tote in Brown. Which to choose??? Help.

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