Doll Up Your Bag!

I’m running around these 2 days again working out details for a small event tomorrow *I’m so excited to share that with you all by this weekend :D*, and I also had to prepare for the Smart- Mega Pinoy Pride Ball which happened last night, so my deepest apologies for neglecting to write an entry yesterday. I’ll also write about the Mega Magazine Pinoy Pride Ball in a bit 🙂

Anyway, I just thought of writing about this topic now while fixing up the Hermes goodies (my twilly scarves, clic clac bangles etc) that I no longer use, which I’m selling through Accessory Lab (+632 8909011). IMG_20130613_111808*Shameless plug: Accessory Lab has an ongoing big sale of jewelry, accessories, and knick knacks from today until June 16 at 2F Rockwell Powerplant Mall Makati City*

I realized that we women have never really stopped playing dress-up dolls! You see, we have only substituted those dolls for bags!
IMG_20130613_123512 We end up buying accessories for our bags to make them “our own” and not just another designer bag. We are all bag stylists now 🙂 Have you actually made an inventory of the things you had purchased for your bag, rather than a new bag? *Shudders haha*

Tell me, how do you dress up your bag? 🙂


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