Diving with the Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch

Two weeks or so ago, I was treated to a most unique experience, one that was quite life- changing in fact. I was flown by the Cartier team to Cebu and we were driven 3 hours to a beautiful town called Oslob, where we had the opportunity to swim with magnificent whale sharks in open water, locally known as “Butandings”. We went in for the dive while armed with the Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch, which is a pretty incredible watch that is water resistant to 300 meters. The Calibre de Cartier is originally meant as a men’s watch because of its size, but I love big watches so this was such a cool watch to wear and was not heavy at all.


These gentle giants were massive. And if you’re not used to seeing living things larger than yourself, it’s not unusual to be afraid. The first few seconds in the water did leave me scared. Even though I knew these whale sharks were harmless, I also knew to respect their space.


The water is after all their home, and we are just their visitors and should know not to touch them let alone provoke them.


It was so tempting to get close to them, but when I got closer, haha I got scared 😀 There were 5 of them in the water, most were still young mammals, and I think there was only 1 fully grown one 🙂


It was so calming to be in the water with them. I didn’t think I’d want to stay long in the water, but I did. I lingered on. There was something about watching these whale sharks swim and gulp down food that made me feel so at peace. After some 30 minutes and a look at the diver watch, it was time for lunch.

We had a ridiculously filling feast of a lunch (I’m talking food coma levels), with the freshest seafood available, and of course, that famous Cebu lechon. If you peeps have not tried lechon in Cebu, you should try it. I know it’ll probably take you to cholesterol hell by having the crunchy skin, but let me tell you, it was heaven on the lips! We were famished but the amount of food was more than what we could eat!!


It was also over lunch when I knew more about the Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch. I think this has to be one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  The experience was really unparalleled, pretty much like the quality of the Cartier diver watch itself. Anyway, the Calibre de Cartier watch also comes in all- steel.  It was first introduced back in 2010, but this diving version was just introduced this year.


The watch has a self- winding mechanical movement, and is really manufactured and designed to handle everyday wear, and for extreme conditions. I don’t doubt this– because Cartier is one of my favorite watch (and jewellery) brands as well.  I can attest to it as I’ve been a Cartier watch user for quite some time. This is a watch that is worth investing in, especially if you love the water– whether it be swimming, snorkeling, indulging in any other form of water sports, as well as of course diving.

The experience has a very special place in my heart because I don’t know when I’ll get that opportunity to swim with whale sharks again. I’ve been meaning to learn how to dive, but in between all the traveling and spending time with family and kids, I don’t see how I can squeeze diving lessons anytime soon. But haha this is something I’d love to do at some point in my life, and when that happens, I’ll definitely be saving up to get this Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch 🙂

I had an incredible time with the Cartier and SSI team in Cebu, highlights of which included that beautiful night by the water to launch the Calibre de Cartier collection as well as the introduction of the Diver Watch.


It was really great to have also bonded with the other members of the press corps as well as the locals in Cebu, all of whom were very warm and welcoming!  Thank you so much Cartier and SSI for this unforgettable experience!!


Go check out the Calibre de Cartier Diver Watch in Cartier boutiques and online at cartier.com now 🙂


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