Confession: I Succumbed…

… to a Givenchy Antigona. If you have been following my posts, I have been blogging about the Antigona for quite some time. I was honestly waiting for “the right one” (plus the right time for my funds LOL) to come along before I made that bag commitment.

And then it came… in threes, actually!

All these three versions are not easy to find– I’ve searched for them in Milan- Paris- London, and not all the shops had the croc-embossed one because it was a very popular choice (over the regular leathers). The tri- colored one in the back is made of textured leather that resembled galuchat. That piece is also difficult to find and is a gorgeous neutral bag. Much use can come out of that bag.

If money was no object, I’d have taken all three without question. But alas I have no financial coffers like the Kardashians. So a choice had to be made.

I went for the Indigo. For a bit though, I was deciding between the Indigo Croc- Embossed and the Emerald Croc- Embossed. Both were just exquisite. The Emerald green was soooo rich. The Indigo blue a much more useful color for a bag (guaranteed mileage) and is not too basic a color either.  I was so torn between the two but I had a green bag in that exact same shade and texture back home. I couldn’t be redundant because again, it’s not like I can buy two or all three bags.

And so I adopted the Indigo and here’s an action shot.

The bag tends to look black during nighttime and on certain angles during daylight. It’s a two- for! 🙂  After having carried it, I can personally tell you these about the bag– at least for the Croc Embossed one:

  •  It can be a tad heavy.
  •  It’s a very structured bag and if you don’t fill out the bag with things there is a tendency for the bag to have “dents”– although they are not permanent.
  •  The strap is really not detachable, and you cannot sling the bag on your shoulder with the 2 rolled handles.
  • One- way zipper enclosure and it’s a tad hard to open/ close (but this could also be because the bag is still new)

That said, I love using the bag! I just need to be a better bag content editor 🙂

P.S. yesterday I was sent a photo on my twitter by Madam_Aica and it was an image of a barely used and already broken Givenchy Antigona strap. I was baffled and shocked to see it. But she is planning to send it to Givenchy for repair already and I’m pretty sure this is just an isolated incident as I’ve been carrying mine for days (even managing to squeeze in my massive datebook inside which is so heavy) and so far, it’s all been good 🙂


  1. I am torn among three choices too, but different styles- antigona, pandora, and nightingale 🙁 I am in the business world, so I’m leaning on the nightingale but the pandora’s call is too hard to resist, good thing you mentioned that the antigona is heavy, so that bag is out :))

  2. Congrats!! i love the antigona!! i love my khaki colored one! 🙂 it is so sophisticated yet casual at the same time 🙂

    Always a fan of your site! and i envy your bag collections!! 🙂

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