Celebrity Speedy: SJP x Louis Vuitton Speedy Empreinte

Sorry for not having written yesterday. I think all that traveling has wreaked some kind of havoc on my body and it just decided to “shut down” like an overloaded computer 😀 Yesterday was an incredibly remarkable day as well, because Lifestyle Asia Magazine, the Philippines’ premier luxury lifestyle magazine revealed their cover for their September style issue. And on their cover, is yours truly 😀 *I am still on cloud 9 today by the way :D* The magazine will be out this weekend and I will be posting some outtakes from that incredibly fun shoot over the weekend 🙂 I’ll spare you from seeing another photo of myself today haha.
It’s all about bags again and today, it’s about an iconic style from Louis Vuitton. The House that Monogram Built has released the newest member of the Speedy family– this is the Speedy Bandouliere 25 from the Monogram Empreinte line.
I used to think the size 25 was a tad too small. And then I began having those ridiculous shoulder and back pains (because I carried massive bags). So I have since downsized to smaller bags. I think the Speedy 25 is now an excellent size choice. It allows you to edit your bag so much better (after all, you don’t really need to carry your whole makeup kit in there along with 5 sets of room keys and whatever else you realize you could have left at home).

The red one has to be my top pick for this.

 I have always had a soft spot for the Louis Vuitton Speedy style– it is after all the most iconic piece in their collection. And I am just so pleased that the detachable straps have been added to their more updated speedy line from the monogram canvas collection. And now this beautiful Empreinte collection counts speedy as one of its styles.
It is a classic. It will never be out of fashion or out of season. Therefore this bag makes for an excellent investment– plus you need not even worry about the handles and trims acquiring a dark patina (if that bothers you) 🙂
And the latest celebrity seen carrying the Louis Vuitton Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere 25? Sarah Jessica Parker!

Come on girls, save up for this baby. It’s a keeper!

Visit the nearest Louis Vuitton boutiques now and try the Empreinte Speedy bag on 🙂



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