Enhanced Beauty: Celebrity & Royal Noses

Writing about surgically enhanced noses of celebs: is this just sick pleasure now or what (what being wanting to belong to the “club” hahaha– not exactly a good thing but yeah, wanting to ahem, “belong”) LOL!  During the time I was recuperating from the nose surgery and was confined to the house, I actually began googling photos of famous women who had also gone under the knife. Well, specifically gone on to have a nose job.

Hehehe trouble with the internet is, all the before pics of all these women have already been documented and archived. Unless they are private individuals and have refused to sign up to any digital media application and have also shunned being photographed, their photos will be online. And if you are a celebrity, hah, there is nowhere to hide!! And what’s the point of pretending you “woke up like that” when there are photos to prove that you were “not born with it”? 😀 *Muwahahaha*

Here they are!!

One of my favorites is Ivanka Trump.


I find her SO beautiful. And I only hope that she will already stop with the procedures. When she had that massive boob job, I was like, WHY!? But she is really pretty and her new nose just suits her face and made her even prettier. Again, I hope she stops with the procedures already.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen?!?!? Whaaaat? Yuppp!!!


Seee, even supermodels are candidates 😀 *LOL ok that made me feel better hahahaha!!!*

Hola, Queen Letizia of Spain! Of course you can’t expect Her Royal Highness to admit to a nose job (umm fellow peasants *haha ouch*, royals don’t admit to procedures like that hahaha).  But boo, her before- photos are everywhere online. (Dear Spain, please don’t blacklist me for this post– I do love your Queen and your country!! :D)




And then of course another favorite Royal, Queen Rania of Jordan, whom I also think remains one of the most stylish women in the world today. Ta-daaaah!! The nose job really made a huuuge difference!


There is really honestly nothing so wrong about admitting to a procedure. And I do know that a lot of women out here are still looking to find out more about these procedures. I want to stress though that I am not one of those “strong” advocates of going under the knife for aesthetics. Because I’ve heard of stories from people who claim cosmetic surgery can end up like a drug– it can be addictive, especially if you see positive results and feedback from other people. It’s all about the feel- good factor. It’s all about the praise. And because of today’s technology, it’s all about the easier accessibility (of reconstructive and plastic surgeons and beauty clinics) and the faster downtime and healing. But I think as one of “them” now, I have to always keep in mind that this procedure was something I did for myself. I was not expecting the praise or the recognition of how the “new me” looks like. I didn’t give the decision- making process much thought. It was only post- op that I began “reflecting” on what I had done!  And if it didn’t end up well, I knew I was going to have to live with my decision (and not save up for another one again– but haha I will probably just take professional makeup classes to cover up the nose), because after all I’ve had a good 40 years with my old nose. That, and I guess this comes with age– I just placed more importance on other things, and the opinion of others about my looks just does not rank high up on my priority list. Come on, I walk around now without makeup. If that’s not enough to send everyone running in the opposite direction, I don’t know what else will 🙂 And the funniest thing is, I am totally fine with it 😉 *It took soooooo long to feel this way hahaha*

So in closing, I just want to say this– if you had been thinking about a nose surgery, do your research. Ask around. Ask for testimonials. And most importantly, make sure you are doing it for yourself and not for anyone else. If this is going to make you feel better about yourself (not that it should really make THAT big of a difference, because you have to always work on accepting yourself wholly first, as a nose procedure is NOT going to complete your life), then do it. But as with everything else in life, moderation is key. Don’t overdo it. Don’t get addicted to it, and never ever use this to gain confidence and acceptance from others!

Hope I was of some help to many of you 😉 And haha, I know they say “never say never,” but it’ll be really difficult to get me to agree to another surgical procedure for aesthetics 😉 Once is good enough for this bag hag! I think I’d like to just save my money for a new bag or a new pair of shoes next time (because I am after all, still the same shallow bag hag/ shoe lover from a decade ago :D)

P.S. Peeps I’m flying out tonight, but will be writing a post again in a day or so! In the meantime, do check out my instagram page (@thebaghag) or snapchat (the_baghag) from time to time for updates 🙂

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