Celebrity Bag: Lindsay Lohan Goes Goyard

As much as I’d like to say that I extracted this photo primarily because I wanted to blog about the Goyard Saint Louis tote that Lindsay Lohan was carrying, I actually wanted to post this because I did not recognize La Lohan in this photo at all.


I had to peer closely to see if Lindsay was really in those plumped up cheeks (fillers I presume) somewhere! Now that I got that boggle off of my mind (can someone actually tell me if she had a lot of some work done?), let me turn your attention to her bag.

I stand by my love for this bag because it is quite possibly one of the lightest shopping totes out there to date. It has had its share of problems in the past– most common problem being its handpainted chevron pattern rubbing off (when continuously used) from certain parts of the bag. But Goyard has continued to improve its quality and of late, I no longer hear of such problems.

Adding to the list of people photographed with the Goyard Saint Louis totes are the girl friends of actress Olivia Munn 🙂


Both her friends were carrying the tote in different colors 🙂 Says a lot about how Goyard continues to be one of the preferred labels when it comes to shopping totes!

So if you are thinking of a summer tote to carry, I would highly recommend Goyard’s Saint Louis PM. Remember, the lighter your tote, the more things (that are important) you can bring along with you 🙂


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