Celebrity Bag Style: Pippa Middleton- Matthews

I enjoy going through Pippa Middleton- Matthews’ photos. Perhaps I can safely be labelled as one of her style stalkers. But I regret to say though, I have never been a big fan of her style (to be exact, her bag style). Sure, I like her enough to be excited when I see new photos of her online, but I really keep hoping that she carries the bag that looks good with her outfit. And if I may be so blunt and painfully honest, I find very little (ok, nothing) about her choice in bags that leaves me wanting to buy whatever it is that she has on her arm.

Sorry Pips, hope you don’t take this personally that I dedicated this blog post about you. Not to worry though because I’m not someone that will ever matter to you LOL, plus I doubt if I’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting you in my lifetime LOL. But I hope you read this and realize you really need a bag style overhaul! I am certain that fashion isn’t exactly up on your list of priorities (which is a good thing actually), but it doesn’t hurt to just take some bag style tips from a self- confessed bag hag/ know-it-all LOL.

Pippa always looks like she is being weighed down by her bags. To illustrate what I mean, let me just show you these examples, starting with one of her latest photos:

She is seen carrying a massive Kate Spade Alice Street Adriana tote that just looks too big and heavy on her.

Thought bubble: “I need to text James to see if I left my tile samples on the kitchen table. No wonder my bag felt so light!”

She had been seen in another occasion carrying the same bag. She looks like she is carrying a bowling ball inside that bag. Or a few blocks of bricks maybe. The bag looks mighty heavy!

Thought bubble: “Oh dear. I think I forgot to unload the tile samples at home. Whyyyy!?”

Sorry. Noooo!!!

Thought bubble: “Damn, WHAT is in this bag again?! Heaaaaavy!!!”

Another bag she carried which just drowned her and killed her look was this Lamb quilted bag.

Thought bubble: “Now how on earth will I dig up my car keys in this arm abyss?!”

Wearing the same coat but carrying a different camel colored bag, this time by Kate Spade. It just looks so wrong with what she was wearing because of its sheer size which “ate” her up.

Thought bubble: “Off to the decorators with my curtain fabric samples. These are MUCH lighter than those bloody tile samples!”

I think the worst thing about these bags is that they age her. I don’t think it’s always about how wrong the bag styles are, but how terribly wrong the sizes are for her outfit that day, and her tiny frame. I get the whole big bag trend (not from today though), but there are really just specific looks that work better with big bags. And her outfit choices paired with these big bags just don’t look flattering on her.

Thought bubble: “Ok this isn’t really my bag. I’m just holding it for my sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. You know her, right? The mum of little Georgie and Charlotte? Their clean nappies are in this bag.”

This Aspinal Marylebone bag somehow works alright with her Breton striped jumper and denim jeans look though sorry if I may add– I don’t think Aspinal makes the best- looking bags in the market today. I actually almost mistook this bag for something churned out by Michael Kors LOL *horrors*.

Thought bubble: “Noooo I did not bring out my tile samples again. Come on give me a break. This bag is light! I just have color swatches in this one!”

The Aspinal Marylebone bag also reminds me of a more structured YSL Downtown tote from yesteryears.

Which  reminds me– another beautiful woman who seems to carry wrong- sized bags is Andy Murray’s wife, Kim Sears. And hah, Kim happened to be carrying that same Aspinal Marylebone bag in white. She looked so frumpy… whyyyy Kim? Whyyy?

Thought bubble: “Bloody hell, Andy. Why must I be tasked to carry your extra set of clean clothes?!”

Anyway, I’m sure the newly married Pippa has more things to worry about than what she carries on her arm (I mean, she also does have a pretty amazing rock for an engagement ring so that does trump having a nice bag LOL), but I really do hope she starts carrying bags that work better for her frame and for her outfit too. And oh yeah, one thing I do admire about her is, she doesn’t seem too keen on buying and carrying mainstream premium designer brands that have bags priced like someone’s annual salary. Kudos to her for that 🙂

(Photo credits: Google Images, Purse Blog, Daily Mail)

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