Celebrity Bag: Sharon Stone’s White Lady Dior

Finally, I am back in my home country and am just about to catch up on all my writing in the next few days. Honestly, I am so exhausted and I have no idea how the other editors go through fashion month without collapsing from exhaustion. Meanwhile, I feel like a truck had run me over LOL. Oh one of the reasons also is most likely that they get chauffeured around in private cars– haha mere mortals like me had to rough it out with trips on the metro and if we get lucky enough to hail a taxi, well, a taxi! Anyway before I resume writing about the shows I attended over the 2 fashion weeks, let me just do a quick post!

Actress Sharon Stone was recently seen carrying a white Lady Dior bag.



To be honest, I had found that Lady Dior bags are a little “dated” and more for the mature set, and I think it’ll take quite a bit more convincing for me to want to carry one. I do know though that the Lady Dior bag is a classic piece, an iconic one that will always form part of the Dior bag collection.

That said, I  don’t think it’s a bad bag, but I think it just needs a younger image. I reserve that opinion for that particular Dior bag, but haha ask me about the Dior shoes and watch me swoon!! 🙂


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