Celebrity Bag: Ryan Reynolds Travels with Chanel

It’s one thing to see a man carry his lady’s purse (as in purse), but it’s another to see him carry her hold-all travel bag. Awwww 🙂

Such was the case for Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively who were seen breezing through the Berlin airport recently.


Ryan carried the large Chanel tote as their cabin bag. Looks quite nice on Ryan, no? 🙂

The Chanel bag is admittedly priced high, so here is another alternative to that as a cabin tote should you decide to have your man carry it (or better yet, if he offers to carry it for you, ever the gentleman that he is :D):

The Anya Hindmarch Pablo Travel Bag
iconanyahindmarchtravelBlack is undoubtedly the best and most neutral travel bag color out there because high chances are, the bag will get tossed around and left sitting on the floor– and you wouldn’t want to be worrying every time the bag gets scratched or gets a stain, because it is light- colored. If you have let your handbags enslave you (like they do me and many other bag hags) because of your obsessive- compulsive need to keep them clean, etc, make sure to let your travel bag work for you.

The Anya Hindmarch Pablo Travel Bag  is a good piece to own. It is lightweight and will carry all your essentials, plus your man won’t be embarrassed to be seen carrying it around with you 🙂

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