Celebrity Bag: Nicole Kidman’s Celine


The battle continues… will it be the Givenchy Antigona or the Celine luggage tote? For Nicole Kidman, the answer was clear. She carried her indigo croc Celine luggage tote and it is a stunning choice!!

The Celine mini luggage during the day.

Credit: FameNet

The best thing about the color indigo– it’s a very versatile shade. It looks blue during the day and black at night.

I’m pleased to see Nicole carry a Celine luggage tote that not everyone has (hello, croc). She has a discerning eye for beautiful bags! Although this particular luggage tote is verrrry expensive, I think Nicole still nailed it when she picked this out. I do wish that Celine would start selling their bags online too… 🙁



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