Celebrity Bag: Nicole Kidman with a Christian Louboutin x Louis Vuitton Bag

Nicole walked through the LAX Airport carrying the Louis Vuitton x Christian Louboutin tote yesterday.


It’s definitely an eye-catching bag, although I’m not really too sure about liking it.

I honestly don’t find this bag pretty. Yes for sure it is a special piece as it’s one of the latest collaborations of the fashion house with select artists/ designers. This bag is just too busy visually and though it does pack a punch, I think I’m currently in a state of “less is more” when it comes to bags. I’d have been happier with the Frank Gehry x Louis Vuitton bag because it looks more streamlined. Plus, this bag is one of the pricier pieces in the collaboration collection. What say you, peeps? Yay or nay?


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