Celebrity Bag: Nicky Hilton with a Wedded Bliss White Goyard Saigon


There’s really nothing more I love than seeing women who are in that state of wedded bliss 🙂 Nicky Hilton is such a lady. Her wedding is still something I can’t take my eyes off from because she looked so immaculate. Last week, she looked so serene and cool in a casual blue dress, while carrying her Goyard Saigon in white.


I have hardly written about Goyard bags of late. Perhaps it is largely due to the fact that I have “graduated” from all these logo- a – gogo bags. But also because I have not really been to the Goyard boutique to see what they have available in quite awhile. I will make sure to pop over the boutique when I head to a city that has Goyard presence soon.

Nicky also has another Goyard Saigon by the way– in black!

But Nicky is on- trend as well because she, like many of the women I know now, have downsized their bags and have taken on a smaller one along to exude a more “polished” look. But structure when it comes to bags remains integral– a structured bag is de rigueur for that “polished” look 🙂 So I’m definitely going to “test drive” the Goyard Saigon once again soon 🙂



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