Celebrity Bag: Nicky Hilton and the Hermes Birkin


I am so OC about my bags and I used to freak out at the sight of a beaten up expensive bag. I then realized that instead of the bag giving me some kind of material pleasure, it was enslaving me! So I have since changed the way I feel about the continued use (and possibly abuse) of expensive designer bags. Don’t get me wrong, there is nooooo way I will deliberately abuse the bags I have, but I will for sure begin to lovingly carry but not go overboard with being fussy about the wear, scratches, and dinks.

Which brings us to today’s socialite bag sighting– Nicky Hilton and her beat-up Hermes birkin 35cm in black which looks like it’s made of swift leather.

I love how she has made the bag very rocker chic (as opposed to the usual classic  look the bag tends to exude). Nicky makes me want to take a second look at the smoother leather birkins— especially in black. She has made the reason plain for me to see why black remains the best selling color at Hermes when it comes to birkins. It’s a multi- generational bag color and style!  Love this!!





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