Celebrity Bag: Miley Cyrus and the Blinged- Up Unicorn!


Woooohooooo September is here!! Can you believe it, we are already in the -ber month which means Christmas is not so far away from today! 🙂

Did anyone watch the VMAs the other day? I wasn’t able to catch it, but I was able to go through the photos of celebrities, and I must say Miley Cyrus outdid herself again. I can’t help but laugh because actually I shouldn’t already be surprised at how she is still able to stun us all.  All I can say is, it takes a lot of courage for someone to wear Versace, and Miley without question wore this well. Haha I can already imagine a group of moms disapprovingly shaking their heads as they read my post, but hey, I speak as a celeb spectator here, and I think she looked amazing in terms of fitness. She looked very toned, and in all honesty she had the right personality for what she wore. But anyway enough commentary about what she wore, I wanted to focus on that blinged up Unicorn that she carried with her 🙂


When it comes to blinged up bags, I can’t think of many who can do them as well as Judith Leiber does. And this piece of course is by Judith Leiber.


Let’s be realistic though. I don’t think you’ll be getting your money’s worth with this bag (cost vs. frequency of use) unless you have benefit balls and formal parties to attend every week for a whole year and wouldn’t mind recycling the same bag each time. But hey, if you have spare US$4,000++ lying around the house, I guess owning this bag is not going to be a problem– that and if you don’t use the bag, you can always use it as a design accent for your room 🙂

Buuuut if I had some spare US$4,000 lying around (don’t I wish), I’d probably be more inclined to buy this Judith Leiber Rock and Roll Rubber Duckie!


I’ve never seen a more bad- a** rubber duckie as a bag, so this is such a cool piece to own and to carry 😉 The unicorn is a fun, girly piece, but this rubber duckie is way more suitable for Miley! 😉

Judith Leiber bags are available for purchase online at Neiman Marcus.



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