Celebrity Bag: Kylie Jenner’s Gray Locks Dyed to Match Her Givenchy Antigona

So word has it that Kylie Jenner had some work done on her extra pouty lips of late (they look good on her somehow– at least in this photo haha).

kylielipsI’m not really about to go on and on about her lips because quite frankly, that girl can do whatever she wants with her face and still she’ll be raking in the big bucks (and if I harp about her looks, I’ll end up looking like I’m sour graping haha). I want to however, talk about her bag. It seems like she has also dyed-to-match her hair with the Givenchy Antigona she was seen carrying 😀

You know that this bag is a classic already. It has been a few seasons already and still, this bag remains one of the most carried bags by celebrities today.

If you want a sleeker Antigona as compared to the one of Kylie’s, this is a very good alternative and is an equally neutral shade which would work with just about anything in your closet:

Givenchy Gray Leather Antigona

gantigonaThis is really a tried and tested bag, and I would never hesitate to recommend it because it is easy to carry. It is a little bulky, sure, but it does hold a lot of things. The bag also keeps its structure over time, and that’s good news for those who’ve always had that concern about the bag’s shape over time, especially when it gets carried on the shoulder with the strap (because the bag tends to “fold” in the middle). It’s really a very good bag and still flies off the shelves at Givenchy– and that’s a good sign of the bag’s style “longevity”!

The Givenchy Gray Leather Antigonaicon is available for purchase online HERE.


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