Celebrity Bag: Kate Moss Totes Goyard

Goyard remains a very popular brand choice for a summer getaway bag. The Saint Louis tote in particular is the shopper of choice– especially because of its barely- there weight.

Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace are the latest celebrity- celebu-spawn photographed carrying the tote while on holiday in Spain.



There are more monogram brands to choose from– like Louis Vuitton (another celebrity favorite), Moynat, and also a revived heritage brand called Fauré Le Page (this brand was initially well- known for its firearms/ guns. More on this brand very soon), but again, Goyard seems to win when it comes to totes. I really believe it is because the Goyard Saint Louis remains the lightest among all other brands’ totes. The only downside is, the bag does get scuffed a lot faster too– because of the thinner coated canvas. But it is a very good travel tote, hands down.  Which is most likely why Kate Moss chose it!


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