Celebrity Bag: Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton Love

I always have my eye on Angelina Jolie. Especially when she is carrying a bag. She’s always been, in my opinion, spot on when it comes to her bag choices. I am quite certain that she gets given bags left, right, and center, but for her to know how to edit the pieces she gets is what sets her apart from the other celebrities.

This time, she was seen carrying a black shoulder bag with a single rolled leather strap.


It’s one of this summer’s Louis Vuitton bags, the Capucines. The bag was named after Rue des Capucines, the first ever Louis Vuitton boutique in Paris back in 1854.
I have test- carried this bag in the past and it’s very structured and on the heavy side, but it is very chic especially in black as seen on the crook of the arm (and later on the hand) of Angie.

The rolled leather strap can be a little uncomfortable on the shoulder. Frankly I’d have preferred the Artsy


for shoulder carry than this Capucines, but on the arm and on the hand, I think the Capucines fares better– also because this bag is far more structured than the Artsy. I’d have really preferred the Artsy too but Angelina carrying the bag makes me take a second (and a third) look at the bag.

Check it out in your Louis Vuitton boutiques and tell me if you find it as heavy as I do. But yes, it is a beautiful bag (the black leather and gold hardware combination is a winner).


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