Bvlgari’s Octo Collection


My friend once told me, “when it comes to women, it’s never really just about the bags and the shoes. You also have the bling and the watches too.” There is truth to that actually. While a majority of women would prefer to carry a nice designer bag over a pair of good designer shoes, there are also women who would rather save up and spend their hard-earned money on either jewellery or a nice “investment” watch which they can keep– in the hopes they can save either for the future generation.

I went to the Bvlgari Octo launch a few nights ago and I have to say that Bvlgari is always able to present timepieces that have complications which would have without a doubt impress even the most discerning watch collector.

The Octo Bi- Retro Jumping Hour watch in Stainless Steel

The Octo Automatic with an 18k yellow gold casing.

The Octo Bi- Retro is the most impressive of all the timepieces featured– at least this was my choice of a complication: retrograte minutes and date, jumping hours with an 18k rose gold casing!

A classic and my favorite: The Octo in 18k rose gold! *Palpitates*

Bvlgari also collaborated with Maserati for this Octo Maserati watch.

And then I spotted the perfect Bvlgari combination:

That green ombre lizard leather clutch with the Bvlgari Monete necklace (made with antique coins) and the Octo automatic watch with the 18k rose gold case make for the perfect combination, really. The clutch is just so striking– and the photo you see here does it no justice at all! Those would’ve been what I’d wear for that special night out. *Confession: I still can’t stop staring at the Octo watch and that green ombre lizard clutch!!*

For more information on the Octo collection of Bvlgari, visit the Bvlgari boutique nearest you– and make sure you get to try the watches on. You will fall in love with them, guaranteed!



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