Beijing: Jay Ahr at Work

In Beijing, I not only got to see some beautiful sights (which I shall write about in the upcoming days), but I was also given the privilege to visit designer Jonathan Riss’ atelier– where all his embroidery magic happens.

Jonathan’s work not only entailed fashion but also works of art revolving around animal armour– embroidered and highly detailed animal armour.

Here, Jonathan showed me how he begins his creative process. From his animal armour print, he works to mix different materials to determine if the look will come together.


Some of his materials


Jonathan works very well with structures as well when it comes to his fashion label, Jay Ahr.


This is his work shelf. I was overwhelmed– I wanted to play with the materials and do my own artwork but haha, I was too shy to ask him 😉


And this is one of his signature trompe l’oeil dresses which I wore to visit 798 here in Beijing


So much more to show you all about Jonathan’s work but I have to run along for now. I will be uploading more photos for you all to see within the next few days.

Jonathan Riss’ fashion label, Jay Ahricon is stocked online at Net-a-Portericon.


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