Beijing and the Opposite House

Four and a half hours of sleeping soundly on the plane got me off to a good start here in Beijing. Hats off to my dear friend Jonathan who had taken great lengths to ensure that I was not going to “drown” in the enormity of the Beijing airport. He was absolutely on the mark on that– the airport was MASSIVE. Perhaps the largest airport I’ve ever set foot in (and I thought Dubai’s airport was big)!




I was greeted by an airport personnel straight off the plane who took care of me all the way to baggage claims and out. It was a breeze. And right from the time I saw Beijing from the air, I already knew I was going to fall in love with the city. I was chauffeured from the airport to the Opposite House (sister hotel of The Upper House in Hong Kong), and during the 30 minutes or so ride, I was able to have a pleasant chat with my driver–

BJ2and we communicated with what little Mandarin I know and what English he knew 🙂

Finally arrived at the Opposite House. It was impressive. And I thought I was already impressed with The Upper House. This really threw me off because the space at the Opposite House was mind- blowing. I had that little-kid-let-loose-in-a-candy store look 🙂

I was brought straight to my room to rest. This is to be my home for the next few days 🙂


Anyway I will attempt to add more photos to this particular post.  I have to go around the hotel premises within the day to take more photos.

But please do add me on your instagram because I update there more often than the blog 🙂 

And a last photo before I sign off, the bag I carried for travel to Beijing is the Tod’s D Bag. This bag is really fail- safe and is one of the easiest bags to use for travel! bj2I highly recommended it before, and I still highly recommend it now. If you want another variation of the D bag, go for the “winged” DD Bag 🙂


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