Bag Review: Victoria Beckham Harper

Ahh Victoria Beckham. For a celebrity designer who’s still quite the newbie in this fashion industry, she has made a good name for herself. Instead of going the mass market path where many other celebrity designers have stayed on, she chose to go high end. It was quite the risk but surely it has paid off.

Her latest bag named HARPERicon, after hers and Becks’ little princess, is another bag coup in my opinion.


Yes, the price points leave one balking, but to be fair to Posh, the materials used in her bags are of high quality.  Fairly consistent too after having inspected her bags.

The Harpericon is more like a briefcase– less of a top handle bag *which is more feminine* (ok, let’s not quibble over the semantics of this bag style). I think this is a very functional bag and the structure is actually quite handsome. However, I believe that the lack of a detachable shoulder strap can make this a little more difficult to carry.

That said, I still think this bag is worth the purchase because of its functionality, good structure and size, and quality. The color of the bag is very nice and neutral too and is perfect if you’re tired of seeing dark blues, tans, and black.

The Victoria Beckham Harpericon bag is available for purchase HEREicon. More details about the bag HEREicon. I believe this is a pretty good investment although some care is required to keep this bag in pristine condition.


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