Bag Review: Tumi Backpacks for Daily Use and for Travel

I’ve had a few backpacks in my life– but most of them have been for school (haha, I know that’s already way way way way back in the past but hey, I still remember those good ol’ backpacking days). Function was really the number one reason why I chose backpacks over totes in the past. And when I got older, I thought that backpacks actually suited the younger set more. But as you may have noticed, there was a resurgence of backpacks which if I’m not mistaken began when Chanel brought the backpack back with that graffiti version (which cost an arm, a leg, and maybe a pair of good shoes in for good measure haha).

Chanel has been one of those brands I loved when it came to backpack design. I must stress though that their backpacks were never really functional. Prada’s nylon backpacks also became all the rage at one point, and while it remains so difficult to be unfastening the enclosure belts of Prada’s backpack pockets, it was a good one to use because it was light. And then of course Gucci brought back the iconic bamboo backpack (and it came in realllly nice colors), making it impossible a backpack to resist!

And while they all looked real nice when carried, I must admit that not all of them were really as functional as they should– other than the fact that they leave your hands free to carry other things. More recently, I was introduced (or shall I say re-introduced) to TUMI. I’ve long associated TUMI as a brand that made checked- in and cabin luggage and suitcases. I even have one real sturdy one which I had bought long before I moved back to the Philippines– and that suitcase is still alive (I was already hoping it would “die” so I could buy a new one and haha it never did. The large suitcase is still around!!!). TUMI has always been known more for their durability and functionality, but never about their style and look.

Until I went to see their latest collection, I obviously had no clue that this brand had evolved so much since I last took a good look at it. I was presented with this grained leather backpack in a striking teal color, and I was actually already impressed with its sleek design. It was also very light even if it was an all- leather backpack.



The bag has a top handle in case you decide to carry it on your hand. I love the exterior envelope pocket because it is compartmentalized when unzipped. The bag will help you become more organized!


The main compartment of the backpack is also properly organized with small pockets on each side.


And if you have any tech devices like a laptop or a tablet, you can slide it into the thinner back compartment. After I took this out to use today, I am so convinced that this backpack would also make an excellent travel bag. The back of the backpack already has a trolley sleeve which makes it handy to slide over the trolley– so you don’t have to worry about getting a painful back when you are walking around inside the airport!


I’m so pleased to have this bag, and cannot wait to travel with her very soon. I highly recommend this TUMI backpack. The bag is very well- made and I love that the brand has paid special attention to detail!

TUMI is also available in the Philippines at the TUMI boutique on the 2nd floor of Bonifacio High Street Mall.


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