Bag Review: The Celine Tie (Bi- Color)

I think there is a limit to the batwing style. When Celine did the trapeze bag, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon to buy that bag (but everyone else was going ga-ga over it)– because I thought that the bat wings were too pronounced.

And then recently, the new Celine Tie came about. celinetieI remain divided about this bag. I see a lot of other bag design influences in this bag and while I do think it is pretty and has potential, I just think that I’m quite done with the overly extended batwings. This bag looks like the lovechild of a Hermes birkin (the flap) and the Celine Trapeze. And seriously it does look like a bat the more I stare at it 🙂 It’s not a bad looking bag but I can tell you that this is a heavy one. How about you, would you choose this over the luggage tote or the trapeze?


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