Bag Review: Sunshine in Rainy Paris with a Steiger

Sorry I have not been writing lately. I have been on this info- gathering mode for an upcoming project. That and I’ve just been trying to enjoy living in the moments instead of being on my phone while in the moment 🙂

I woke up to rain in Paris this morning and I felt like it was just so blah to get out of bed. Here is a tip though if you have those days– wear something bright, OR carry something bright!

I thought of this Walter Steiger flap bag in sunny yellow, which I saw yesterday during their Fall Winter 2016 press presentation. I have been a massive fan of Steiger shoes, but have never known the brand to be strong with bags. So this bag came as a pleasant surprise to me 🙂

It just has this way of leaving me with a sunny disposition 🙂 I was told this will also come in black, and I think it will look real sleek. The bag has 3 compartments inside and is quite roomy without being bulky.

Can’t wait for this come September 🙂


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