Bag Review: Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring Bucket Bag


I have not been posting on this blog for quite a bit! Oh my! All this traveling and filming and being in cars and planes has gotten me so disoriented but boo not an excuse not to have updated for so long. So today I am back online, also because I’ve made it back to the Philippines after having lived in a suitcase for a month!! 😮

I appreciate greatly that you all have still been visiting my blog and well, I do deserve a serious amount of virtual flogging for not having updated, but haha please, not too hard because I do update my instagram for you all on a very regular basis (to the point that I’m flooding the account with photos haha). I do need to get an intern soon so that I can split my time better without neglecting one aspect of work for another. Now, I have so many stories to share with you all that suddenly I am at a loss with where to begin! Let me talk about bags first before I get right back to my coverage of the shows that I had seen in the last week + new places I’ve been to!

As you all know, the bucket bag seems to be dominating the shoulders of many fashionistas and bag lovers of late. And to date, there have been so many brands that have been producing their own version of the bucket bag. One of the bags that I’ve taken to a serious liking is the Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring Bucket Bag.

Blogger Kristina Bazan is seen carrying the smaller version of the smaller RL Ricky Drawstring Bucket Bag, which is really super cute in that color.


Another look at the Drawstring Bag– the best thing about this bag is its carrying versatility. Unlike other bucket bags, the Ricky has a detachable shorter strap which makes it easier for the bag to be carried on the hand or on the crook of one’s arm. And of course, that external pocket helps heaps too because it can store your phone as well as your car keys. Or business cards even, for easier access!


ricky1This below is the larger Ricky Drawstring Bucket Bagicon, although I honestly think the smaller version is way cuter!

rickybag2But whatever size floats your boat, because many of us women are pack rats and can’t leave the house without a big bag 😀

I love how chic the bag looks on that all black jumpsuit. Now the only problem is choosing the color 🙂 The smaller Ricky Drawstring comes in magenta, orange, black, and in RL camel/ gold, while the larger one comes in navy, black, and camel. Really such a chic bag!

The Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring Bucket Bagicon is available for purchase at Ralph Lauren Onlineicon.



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