Bag Review: Louis Vuitton SS 2015 Quilted Flap Bag

Ahhhh finalllly, I am back home and settled into Manila life once again. It’s so good to be back home to see my family and loved ones as I have been away for so long. Skype and Vibering them helped heaps but nothing beats hugging the life out of each one of them in person 🙂 I am really so happy! 🙂

And now, the real work starts again. Blogging has taken a backseat for over 2 weeks as traveling from one place to another. It was especially difficult to turn on my laptop at home– all that filming and going to meetings have left me too pooped to even lift a finger to type. The most typing I did was to either viber/ chat with my family or to do some instagramming just to keep you all updated on what’s going on. My friends were literally telling me to get an assistant to help– but that would not really help me at all if someone else began doing the blogging no? Then it wouldn’t really be me anymore! Haha soooo yeah, this blog had to suffer a bit as a result and for that, I apologize!

I have so much to share, so much to tell. I have not even finished sharing all my photos and stories of Chiang Mai (which I will do). I wish I could just go on a REAL holiday but much work needs to be done in the next few weeks. So this is a start again for me, another beginning, a rebirth 🙂

The blogging will be back regularly and on schedule first thing on Monday. For now, here’s a real quick one before I get offline again and spend time with la famille 🙂 Let’s talk a bit about the Louis Vuitton bags this coming SS2015. In particular this matelassé flap chain bag.

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While I liked the 2nd collection of Ghesquiere for the house, I wasn’t impressed with the bags, at least not this one. The quilting might be wider, but everything else screamed Chanel somehow. But then again, it’s not exactly easy to be churning out bags that look different from the rest of the designer bags each season, no? I mean, design creativity can only go so far and eventually the brands will have to look to consumers to see the styles that they actually prefer (what is popular vs. what is creative & different). Also, it is important to note that this SS2015 season’s bags for the House of Louis Vuitton is actually a continuation of the quilted pattern which first appeared last season (FW2014-15), Ghesquiere’s first for the brand. But between this quilted flap bag from Vuitton vs. the signature quilted bag from Chanel, I’d much rather get a Chanel one.

Your thoughts? 🙂


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