Bag Review: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag

Not since that Chanel perfume bottle clutch (well that was not too long ago too, actually) has the bag loving community been sent scurrying off to the designer boutique to buy or wait in line for a bag that’s much coveted by the fashion set. The Petite Malle Bag, a miniature version of the Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, is one of the hottest mini bags for this Fall/ Winter 2014- 15.


I’ve been fortunate to actually check out this bag (in 2 different versions) at the Louis Vuitton boutique here in Manila, before both got sold (oh yes, sold so fast, like “poof!”).


These box clutch bags are really so adorable. I’ve myself fallen head over heels in love with the monogram canvas version– because between a steamer trunk and this bag, we all know that we’d get much more mileage out of it haha. The bag can be carried like a clutch.




Or cross- body, which leaves both hands free (conceivably to shop or to dance– whichever is a more “exciting” activity for you haha).


It’s not a very spacious bag as you can already tell,  and it definitely takes a very disciplined bag contents editor to carry it 🙂 But it can definitely accommodate an iphone- sized mobile phone, a small powder compact, lipstick, and a card case with your cash and cards,   *ahhh as women, we all have yet to learn how to edit! Hahaha what a problem to have!*.

The price of either bags are not for the faint- hearted (then again all the beautiful bags cost so much nowadays, no?), but for sure they’re set to become a collector’s item, and a conversational piece without a doubt to those who see you carrying it.

Contact your local Louis Vuitton boutiques for more information on this bag 🙂


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