Bag Review: Dior’s Diorama Bag

One of the brands I have utmost respect for is Dior. But in all the years of my respect for the brand, never once did I actually like anything in the House’s bag collection. There was never enough magnetism from any of the brand’s bags for me to obsess over– I’ve never loved anything enough to buy something. Not even convinced after seeing Princess Diana carrying the bag– and normally I love her enough to like what she is seen carrying!

This Diorama bag is what so many people are currently liking in Dior’s collection.

The bag when carried, is admittedly pretty. But again, in my eyes it reminds me too much of the Chanel Boy bag.



And even if it came in one of my favorite colors, it still did not do much for me. Sadly. Because I have been hoping that I’d finally see something from Dior that’s worth gushing about. I love bags that can be called “timeless” based on design, but I think Dior bags have just been so “blah”. I barely even remember the last time I had written something glowing about the brand’s bag. Such a shame. But hey, this remains an opinion. Feel free to tell me how you feel about the bag above 🙂


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  1. Totally agree with you.. when Diorama came out, my 1st reaction is “it looks like chanel boy”. Of all Dior’s handbags, Diorama is my favorite but I won’t get one I rather have a chanel boy or celine box

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